Epiphytic lichens of apple orchards in Poland, Slovakia, and Italy

Daria Zarabska, Anna Gutová, Fabiana Christofolini, Paolo Giordiani, Anna Lackovičová


Following the study of epiphytic lichens in 30 apple orchards from Poland, Slovakia and Italy the list of 74 taxa was prepared. The most common are the meso- to xerophytic and heliophilous species. The highest number of taxa was observed in Slovak orchards. Moreover, lichens shared with at least one other country were also noted mainly in Slovakia. Bark of apple trees seems to create favourable habitats for Bacidia rubella, which together with Strangospora pinicola were valuable founds in Polish orchards. In Slovak orchards, special attention should be paid to Acrocordia gemmata, Melanelixia glabra and Usnea hirta. Among interesting records in Italian orchards, Phaeophyscia hispidula and Ph. kairamoi can be mentioned.


lichens; culture landscape; fruit trees; Wielkopolska province; Trentino region; Western Carpathians

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