Behaviour in cultures and habitat requirements of species within the genera Loreleia and Rickenella (Agaricales)

Andreas Bresinsky, Angelika Schötz


The term eco-geogram is introduced for surveying (in logical order) ecological and geographical data connected with fungal species. The database PILZOEK was established for that purpose. Eco-geograms are provided in this paper as an example for data retrieval from PILZOEK concerning the agarics Loreleia marchantiae, L. postii, Rickenella swartzii and R. fibula. The potential degree of endangerment is discussed in regard to habitat requirements. European species of Loreleia are not regarded to be endangered in Central Europe, although the risk to get threatened, because of low frequency of fruit body occurrence and quite a narrow substrate specialization, could be higher than in case of Rickenella fibula and R. swartzii. Cultures of Rickenella fibula, R. swartzii, Loreleia marchantiae (= Gerronema daamsii) and L. postii were investigated in regard to pigment accumulation, chlamydospore formation and some other characters.


eco-geogram; Rickenella; Loreleia; habitats; substrates; cultures; endangerment

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