A contribution to the lichen biota of Belarus

Vladimir Golubkov, Martin Kukwa


Details of 11 lichen and 1 lichenicolous fungus taxa occurring in Belarus are presented, of which 6 lichens (Cliostomum leprosum, Fellhanera gyrophorica, Lecanora thysanophora, Lepraria eburnea, L.jackii, L.neglecta) and 1 lichenicolous fungus (Tremella hypogymniae) are newly reported for the country; new localities of recently reported Lepraria elobata and L. incana s.str. are presented and the occurrence of Chrysothrix candelaris, Loxospora elatina and Pertusaria coronata is confirmed. The taxonomy of Chrysothrix candelaris is briefly discussed and localities of Cliostomum leprosum from Poland are reported.


sorediate lichens; lichenicolous fungus; new species; Eastern Europe

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