A confusing duo: Calocybe cerina and Callistosporium pinicola (Agaricales)

E. Arnolds


The name Calocybe cerina has recently been applied for two different species of agarics. After studying collections from different European countries it is concluded that the true Calocybe cerina is very close to C. chrysenteron and best regarded as a variety. The new combination Calocybe chrysenteron var. cerina is proposed and a full description of that taxon is given. The majority of collections, identified as C. cerina, appear to belong to a fungus, provisionally described by Bon as Callistosporium luteoolivaceum fo. minor. It is described here as a new species: Callistosporium pinicola. Calocybe juncicola is another species that might be confused with the two species mentioned before and therefore a full description is provided. The status of the genera Rugosomyces and Calocybe is discussed. The new combinations Calocybe obscurata and Calocybe pudica are made.


Callistosporium; Calocybe; Rugosomyces

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