Arbuscular fungi and mycorrhizae in agricultural soils of the Western Pomerania.II. Distribution of arbuscular fungi

Anna Iwaniuk, Janusz Błaszkowski


This part of the two-part paper of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) of the phylum Glomeromycota of agricultural soils of the Western Pomerania, north-western Poland, presents the distribution of 26 species of these fungi in both the sites considered in this study and cultivated soils of other regions of Poland and the world investigated previously. The fungi were isolated from both field-collected rhizosphere soil and root mixtures and trap cultures established from each field sample and seeded with three species of plant hosts. Among the fungal species characterized, 18 are of the genus Glomus, one each of the genera Archaeospora, Entrophospora and Paraglomus and three and two of the genera Acaulospora and Scutellospora, respectively.


arbuscular fungi; agricultural soils; distribution; Western Pomerania; Poland

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