Myxomycetes of the nature reserve near Wałbrzych (SW Poland). Part I. List of taxa and quantitative analysis

Wanda Stojanowska, Eugeniusz Panek


A total number of 103 Myxomycetes taxa is known of the "Przełomy pod Księżem" nature reserve. In 2002, 89 taxa were recorded in the reserve. The following families prevail: Physaraceae - 24.4 %, Arcyriaceae, Didymiaceae and Stemonitidaceae - 15.8 % each, Trichiaceae - 12.2 %. Dominant genera are: Physarum - 14 species, Arcyria - 9, Trichia - 8, Cribraria and Diderma - 7 each. Three species were recorded for the first time in Poland: Arcyria minuta, Cribraria persooni and Symphytocarpus flaccidus. The occurrence of Didymium serpula and Lepidoderma tigrinum in Lower Silesia was confirmed after 100 years.


Myxomycetes; slime moulds; nature reserve; Lower Silesia; Poland

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