Notes on Polish polypores 5. Synopsis of the genus Spongipellis

Marcin Piątek, Dominika Seta, Andrzej Szczepkowski


The paper deals with representative of the genus Spongipellis Pat. in Poland. Spongipellis pachyodon (Pers.) Kotl. et Pouzar is reported for the first time from Poland and Belarus. Its basidiomes are described and illustrated, and taxonomy, ecology and distribution are reviewed. Two other species, S. delectans (Peck) Murrill and S. spumeus (Sowerby: Fr.) Pat. are briefly discussed. Distribution maps in Poland for each species are provided, an identification key to the species of Spongipellis in Poland is given, and basidiospore dimensions of each species are included based on studied materials.


polypores; Spongipellis delectans; S. pachyodon; S. spumeus; taxonomy; ecology; distribution in Poland

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