Lamproderma scintilans, a myxomycete species new for Poland

Wanda Stojanowska


Lamproderma scintilans (Berk. et Britzelm) Morgan, collected in the Botanical Garden of Wrocław University, is a new slime mould in Poland. Between 13 May and 23 May 2003, an abundant occurrence of the species was observed in the litter. In 2004, it was noted occasionally whereas Didymium squamulosum was numerous in the litter. Other myxomycetes accompanied Lamproderma scintilans. Consequently, the number of slime moulds in the Botanical Garden increased by 3 species, and a total number of 80 taxa has been recorded in this site.


Myxomycetes; slime moulds; Lamproderma scntilans; Botanical Garden of Wrocław University; Poland

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