Stimulation of Armillaria rhizomorph growth by oak root fungi

Hanna Kwaśna, Urszula Kotyńska, Piotr Łakomy, Ken Mallet


Thirty one different genera of fungi were isolated from the wood of roots of 5O·year·old oak (Quercus robur). The most frequently isolated fungi were: Mycelium radicis atrovirens alpha (MRAA), Clonostachys sp. and Penicillium daleae, Beauveria bassiana, Clonostachys sp., Cryplosporiopsis rodicicolo, Geotrichum candidum, Mortierella vinacea, MRAA, P. daleae, P. janczewskii P. spinulosum, Sporothrix schenckii and Tolypocladium niveum significantly enhanced Armillaria mellea rhizomorph initiation and growth from oak branch segments in vitro. The biggest stimulation effect was noticed when the dematiaceous hyphomycetes, e.g. MRAA, P. dimorphospora and S. schenckii were studied.


Armillaria mellea; Armillaria ostoyae; Quercus robur; microfungi; roots

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