Fungal communities of the rhizosphere and the rhizoplane of yellow lupine in a crop rotation system

Bożena Cwalina-Abroziak, Tomasz P. Kurowski


Fungal community populating the rhizosphere and lhe rhizoplane of yellow lupine Juno and Markiz cultivated in the crop rotation with the 20% and 33% portion of lupine was analyzed. The total fungus number was reduced when the participation of lupine in the crop rotation was established at level 20%. Then the pathogenic fungi were replaced by more frequently appeared saprofitic species representing the following genera: Trichoderma, Paecilomyces and Penicillium. Pathogenic Fusarium were more frequently isolated from the lupine rhizoplane cultivated in combination with its 33% participation.


fungi; rhizosphere; rhizoplane; Lupinus luteus; crop rotation

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