Macromycetes of oak-hornbeam forests in the Białowieża National Park - monitoring studies

Alina Skirgiełło


Mycosociological observations were carried out between 1994-1996 on permanent plots within a Tilio-Carpinetum association in the Białowieża National Park. The project was carried out with international cooperation within the "Mycological monitoring in European oak forests" programme which was a result of multiple signals concerning the disappearance of oaks in our continent. Almost 40 years before mycosociological research in the same plant association and at the same plots were carried out. Studies were mainly concerned with analysing the terrestrial macromycetes, predominantly Boletales and Agaricales. They analysed the occurrence of saprotrophic and mycorrhizal fungi. Totaly 215 species from the above listed ecological groups, but there were only 34 species common to both studies. Dominating species within the mycorrhizal group were found.


mycological monitoring; disappearance of oaks; Boletalest; Agaricales

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