New and rare to species of Sphaeropsidales the Polish flora

Bogusław Sałata, Wiesław Mułenko, Agata Wołczańska


The paper presents a list of 23 species of Sphaeropsidales (Ascochyta, Phoma, Phyllostica, Septoria and Stagonospora) new or raie to the Polish flora. Some of them arę very rare in Europe and are known from a few countries all over the world.e.g. Ascochyta geraniicola, A. kleinii, A. teretiuscula var. caridcola, A.pachyphragmae, Phoma funkiae-albomarginatae, Phyllosticta lunariae and Septoria cucubali.


Parasitic fungi; Sphaeropsidales; distribution in Poland

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