Distribution of osmophilic and halophilic fungi in combine harvester sorghum dust particles from Egypt

S. I. Abdel-Hafez, A. I. Abdel-Hafez, M. A. Ismael


Fifty-two osmophilic (or osmotolerant) and halophilic (or halotolerant) species and one variety representing 24 genera were encountered from 20 combine harvester sorghum dust samples collected from four Covernorates in Upper Egypt, on 50% sucrose - and 15% NaCl-Czapck's agar at 28°C. The results obtained on the two media were basically similar, but numerous fungi could not tolerate 15% NaCl. The most frequent genera were Aspergillus Eurotium, Penicillium and Cladosporium.

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