Fungi living on halophylic plants

Irena Chołownia


Uromyces lineolatus (Desm.) Schroet, in aecidial stage was first in Poland on Glaux maritima in 1963 in Ciechocinek and later in Wilczkowica and Kołobrzeg. On this host lives a highly specialized biological race Uromyces lineolatus f. sp. glaucis-scipi O. Jaap. Glaux maritima is an obligatory halophyte and it can be supposed that the parasitized rust fungus is also a halofilic from. In present work there are also some new localities of Uromycea lineolatus on Bulboschoenus maritimus in Poland (Gniewkowo, Rabin, Wiliczkowwice, Kołobrzeg and Zgłowiączka - Majewski's unpublished dates) and in Germany (Hiddensee and Artern) on both hosts.

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