Isolation and molecular identification of laccase-producing saprophytic/phytopathogenic mushroom-forming fungi from various ecosystems in Michoacán State, Mexico

Irum Mukhtar, Marina Arredondo-Santoyo, Ma. Soledad Vázquez-Garcidueñas, Gerardo Vázquez-Marrufo


The aim of this study was isolation and molecular identification of laccase-producing saprophytic/phytopathogen Basidiomycetes species from different geographic regions with dominant vegetation of Pinus, Abies, and Quercus spp. in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Soil samples and visible mycelial aggregates were collected for fungal isolations. Soil samples were processed using a soil particle washing technique, where a selective Ascomycetes inhibitor and guaiacol, as an indicator of saprophytic Basidiomycetes growth, were used. Most of the isolates were obtained from samples collected in Parque Nacional, José Ma. Morelos (Km 23), Charo, Michoacán, Mexico. Based on sequence comparisons and phylogenetic analysis of internal transcribed spacer regions (ITS1-5.8S-ITS4) with respect to reference taxa, identification of saprophytic/phytopathogen Basidiomycetes species was carried out. In total, 15 isolates from 12 genera (i.e., Bjerkandera, Coriolopsis, Ganoderma, Hexagonia, Irpex, Limonomyces, Psathyrella, Peniophora, Phlebia, Phlebiopsis, Trametes, and Trichaptum) and one species from family Corticiaceae were identified. This study will be useful for further investigations on biodiversity of soil Basidiomycetes in different ecosystems. At present, these isolates are being used in our various lab experiments and can be useful in different industrial and bioremediation applications.


Basidiomycetes; guaiacol; geographic regions; saprophytic

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