Keratinophilic fungi in various types of water bodies

Bazyli Czeczuga, Elżbieta Muszyńska


The keratinophilic fungi in various types of water bodies (slough. pond. beach pool. two lakes and two rivers) were studied. Samples of water were collected every other month for bydrochemical analysis and once a month (1989-1990) in order to determine the fungus content. Human hair, snippings of finger-nails, chips of hoofs, feathers and snake exuviae were used as bait. Twenty-five species of keratinophilic fungi were found in various types of water bodies. Hyphochytrium catenoides, Aphanomyces stellatus, Leptolegniella caudala and Achlya oligacantha represent new records as koratinophilic fungi.

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