A revision of distribution and the ecological description of Orobanche picridis (Orobanchaceae) at the NE limit of its geographical range from Poland and Ukraine

Renata Piwowarczyk


The paper presents the current distribution of Orobanche picridis in Poland and Ukraine, within the Polish borders in the interwar period, based on a critical revision of herbarium and literature data as well as the results of my field studies. The largest number of its localities is in S and SE Poland in the Wyżyna Śląsko-Krakowska, Wyżyna Małopolska, Wyżyna Lubelska uplands, Middle Roztocze, Small Polesie, the Pogórze Przemyskie foreland and in the former Tarnopol province (W Ukraine). These are the north-easternmost sites known for the species and extend its limit range. A map of its distribution in Poland and Ukraine is included. The taxonomy, biology, and ecology of O. picridis are also discussed.


Orobanche picridis; Orobanchaceae; distribution; phytocoenoses; Poland; Ukraine

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