Zróżnicowanie i rozmieszczenie Spergulo-Veronicetum dillenii (Wójcik 1965) Warcholińska 1981 w Polsce [Differentiation and distribution of Spergulo-Veronicetum dillenii (Wójcik 1965) Warcholińska 1981 in Poland]

Aurelia U. Warcholińska


The study presents an analysis of the diversity of the Spergulo-Veronicetum dillenii association in Poland. On the basis of reviewed literature data and own contemporary investigation results (Warcholińska, 2004) species richness and community structure of the association are presented. Its phytosociological-syntaxonomical characterization and occurrence conditions are specified. Besides, the distribution and occurrence range of the discussed association are given.


Spergulo-Veronicetum dillenii; differentiation; distribution; Poland

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