Budowa nektarników jabłoni dzikiej (Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill.) [Structure of nectaries of Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill.]

Agata Konarska


The structure of floral nectary of Malus sylvestris was examined using light and scanning electron microscopy. Nectaries in M. sylvestris flowers were situated on the adaxial surface of the receptacle, between the style and the base of filaments. The middle part of the nectary was covered epidermal cells with striated cuticle. The remaining part of the nectary was covered with smooth cuticle. Open and modified nectarostomata were situated at the same level as epidermal cells. The nectariferous tissue was formed by densely packed small parenchyma cells (secretory cells) with dark protoplasts.


nectaries; structure; Malus sylvestris

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