Effects of some growing media on the growth of strawberry cvs. 'Camarosa' and 'Fern'

Sezai Ercisli, Ustun Sahin, Ahmet Esitken, Omer Anapali


This study evaluated the development of above and under ground parts of strawberry plants cvs. 'Fern' and 'Camarosa ' in a glasshouse using perlite, forest soil, finpeat, peat, finpeat+perlite (1:1) and peat+perlite (1:1) as substrates. The effects of different growing media on development of above and under ground parts of plant were statistically significant. The highest number of primary roots per plant, length of the most developed roots and number of crowns per runner were obtained from perlite, finpeat+perlite and peat medium, respectively, in both cultivars. The runner length, number of runners per plant, leaf area, fresh root weight and dry root weight varied between cultivars according to growth medium. In general peat, finpeat or finpeat+perlite gave the best results in terms of above and under ground parts of plants in both cultivars. Some important properties such as water retention capacity, cation exchangeable capacity, pH, porosity etc. of growing media using in this study were also determined.


Strawberry; growing media; plant growth

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