Regeneracja i wzrost piwonii (Paeonia spp.) in vitro [Regeneration and growth of peony (Paeonia spp.) in vitro]

Eleonora Gabryszewska


Vegetative propagation of peony is usually carried out by grafting onto herbaceous peony roots (tree peony) or by dividing tuberous root clumps (herbaceous peony). However, conventional propagation is time-consuming and too slow for a large production and therefore in vitro methods have been developed. The regeneration ability of different organs of herbaceous and tree peony has been reported in this review. The role of exogenous and endogenous growth regulators in the differentiation and growth of shoots, roots and somatic embryos is presented. The problem of dormancy in the somatic embryos and in the shoots or plants propagated in vitro are also discussed.


Paeonia; morphogenesis; growth regulators; dormancy; in vitro

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