Patogeniczne grzyby zasiedlające ziarniaki pszenżyta [Pathogenic seed-borne fungi of triticale]

Bogdan Nowicki, Czesław Zamorski, Małgorzata Schollenberger


The occurrence of pathogenic fungi on 86 triticale seed samples was studied during the years 1992–1994. From each samples 400 seeds were tested using the blotter method with prefreezing and keeping under lights. In the greenhouse experiment pathogenicity of isolated fungi was evaluated. It was found that 20% of tested kernels were transmitting pathogenic fungi. Species of the genus Fusarium (including Microdochium nivale) were isolated from 9,7% of tested kernels, Drechslera tritici-repentis from 4,6%, Stagonospora nodorum from 4,2%, Bipolaris sorokiniana from 1,2%, Botryris cinerea from 0,9% and Drechslera dematioidea was noted sporadically.

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