Effect of temperature and type of packages on nitrates and nitrites content in lettuce

Józef Bąkowski, Helena Michalik, Marcin Horbowicz


Lettuce wrapped in unperforated PE film, perforated PE film, stretch film and without wrapping was stored at 1, 6, 20 and 28°C. Freshly harvested lettuce and after one day of storage, independently on storage conditions, did not contains nitrites„ During storage of lettuce at 1°C only one time small quantities of nitrites (4.3 mg NO2/kg fresh matter) were found - after twelve days storage in perforated PE film. Storage of lettuce longer than 7 days at 6°C caused formation of nitrites. Lettuce stored at 20 and 28°C in unperforated PE film contained nitrites already after 2 or 3 days of storage. Decline of nitrates during storage of lettuce was independent from film used to wrapping.

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