The effect of methyi jasmonate on ethylene production, ACC oxidase activity and carbon dioxide evolution in the yellowish-tangerine tomato fruits (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Janusz Czapski, Artur Miszczak, Marian Saniewski


The yellowish-tangerine tomato (cv. Bursztyn) in the green, light yellow and yellow stages of ripening were treated with 0.1% and 1.0% of methyl jasmonate (JA-Me) in lanolin paste and kept for several days and then they were evaluated for production of ethylene, ACC oxidase activity and CO2 evolution. Production of endogenous ethylene in mature green fruits was low and increased during ripening. JA-Me stimulated ethylene production and ACC oxidase activity in all investigated stages of fruit ripening. Slices excised from mature green fruits produced highest amount of carbon dioxide as compared to more advanced stages of ripening. JA-Me in O,1 % and 1,0% concentrations increased significantly CO2 evolution in green fruits, while in light yellow and yellow fruits only higher concentration of JA-Me stimulated carbon dioxide production.


Lycopersicon esculentum; yellowish-tangerine tomato fruit; methyl jasmonate; ethylene production; ACC oxidase; CO2 evolution

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