Roślinność pól uprawnych Konińskiego Zagłębia Węgla Brunatnego i jego obrzeży. Część I. Wprowadzenie [Vegetation of cultivated fields in the Konin Brown Coal Basin and its peripheries. Part I. Introduction]

Grażyna Pawlak


This publication is intended as a series of articles under a common title, presenting study results on segetal vegetation in the area of the Konin Brown Coal Basin and its broadly understood peripheries. This area of 820 km2 is located in the central part of Konin Province and takes up to 1/6 of its acreage. The results were based on 592 phytosociological releves made with the use of Braun-Blanquet method. The study presents 28 phytocoena (15 associations, 8 communities of importance similar to an association, 5 communities of an “incomplete” nature), 4 of which are syntaxa rarely cited in reference to our country. Part I of the analysis will present a profile of the area of studies, with particular attention given to a specific character of the region's agriculture. Moreover, it will introduce the material and methods of research, as well as a systematic overview of singled out communities. In subsequent parts segetal communities will be discussed.

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