Zmienność i korelacje niektórych cech ekotypów populacji Poa pratensis L. [Variability and corelations of some features of the population of Poa pratensis L. ecotypes]

Bogusław Sawicki


The collection consisted of 20 selected ecotypes of Poa pratensis L. which were compared with Skrzeszowicka variety. In respect of the studied features a few ecotypes appeared to be predominant over the standard variety, although this predominance was not statistically proved. It was found that weakly yielding varieties formed few above-ground shoots of a low height. Their leaves were short but the leaf width did not differ from that of good-yielding forms. From among the collected ecotypes only one, yielding on the level of a standard variety, belonged to early forms. The yield of green mass correlated best with the number of vegetative and generative shoots as well as with the length of flag leaf.

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