Zmiany zbiorowisk chwastów upraw okopowych okolic Sieradza i Zduńskiej Woli w ostatnich 16 latach [Changes of weed communities of root crop cultures in the region of Sieradz and Zduńska Wola during the last 16 years]

A. Urszula Warcholińska


This article presents the results of research on segetal vegetation of root crop cultivations of the area around Sieradz and Zduńska Wola, carried out in the years 1977 and 1992 (Figure 1). On the basis of 120 phytosociological records, taken in 1977, 6 associations were distinguished (Tables 1–8): Digitarietum ischaemi, Bilderdykio-Lamietum amplexicaule, Galinsogo-Setarietum, Echino-chloo-Setarietum, Veronico-Setarietum pumilae, Lamio-Veronicetum politae. According to the repeated listing, conducted in 1992, changes of the above – mentioned associations were stated. The comparison between the present state of the associations of root crop weeds on the area researched and their state of 16 years ago showed their impoverishment (compare Tables 1–9, Figures 2–9).

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