Zmiany składu chemicznego bulw ziemniaków pod wpływem suchej zgnilizny (Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc. var. coeruleum (Sacc.) Booth, Fusarium sulphureum Schlecht.) [Changes in chemical composition of potato tubers caused by dry rot (Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc. var. coeruleum (Sacc.) Booth, Fusarium sulphureum Schlecht.)]

Zdzisław Przeździecki, Danuta Murawa


Investigations on effect of dry root (F. solani var. coeruleum and F. sulphureum) pathogens on three potato cultivares Azalia, Pola, Odra chemical composition were carried out. Content of total nitrogen and protein, total saccharides, reducting and bisaccharides and vit. C was investigated. Significant decrease of total and protein nitrogen content in potatoes affected by Fusarium in relation to intact tubers was found. Moreover increase of reducting saccharides and bisaccharides in potatoes infected by Fusarium compared with controls was observed. Level of vit. C was decreased in tubers affected by Fusarium in all potato cultivars. In this experiment changes in chemical composition content in potato tubers were connected with a kind of dry rot patogen.

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