Zbiorowiska roślinne ściernisk Lubelszczyzny. Część II. Zbiorowiska siedlisk bogatych, umiarkowanie wilgotnych i suchych [Plant comunities of stubble-fields in the Lublin Region. P. II. Plant communities of rich, moderately humid and dry sites]

Maria Jędruszczak, Franciszek Pawłowski, Zdzisława Wójcik


Part I deals with stubble-field plants on light nad poor soils in the Lublin region. Part II focuses on the stubble-field communities in the same region, developing on soil rich in nutrients and moderately humid or dry (chernozems, loess, rendzinas and less frequently on loams and dry alluvial soils). These are communities characterized by two species of high trophic requirements: Veronica persica and Sonchus asper. Two variants have been distingushed within these community: the first with three subvariants and the second with two subvariants, which reflects the diversity of the habitats on fertile soils in the region examined.

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