Zawartość substancji pektynowych, wapnia, magnezu oraz składników mineralnych w węzłach i międzywęźlach pszenicy wylegającej i niewylegającej w okresie kwitnienia [Content of the pectic substances, calcium, magnesium and minerals in the nodes and internodes of winter wheat culms, lodging and non-lodging varieties in their flowering stage]

Maria Przeszlakowska


Total amount of the pectdc substances and their fractions was estimated in wheat of several lodging and non-lodging varieties during the flowering stage. The node tissues contained three times as much total pectic substances as did internodes. Irrespective of the wheat variety, the nodes as compared to the internodes, contain three times as much soluble pectins, and two times as much protopectin fraction extractable at pH 4.5 as well as those extractable at pH 10.6. Non-lodging varieties ('Grana', 'Luna', 'Modzurowska') are characterized by high content of pectic substances both in nodes and internodes, high content of calcium and magnesium protopectin fractions are also characteristic of nodes and internodes of these varieties. The lowest content of calcium-magnesium protopectins is found in the in ternodes of tall, lodging wheat varieties. Nitrogen fertilization, up to 80 kg N/ha, does not influence the internode levels of calcium-magnesium protopectin fractions, ash substances, and the levels of calcium and magnesium in this tissue.

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