Badania porówmawcze wpływu witamin, cytostatyków i nowych związków o spodziewanym działaniu przeciwnapromiennym na kiełkowanie diaspor grochu, kopru i słonecznika [Comparative study of the influence of vitamins, cytostatics, and new chemical compounds of expected anti-irradiation effects on the germination of pea, dill, and sunflower diaspors]

T. Kowal, A. Krupińska, K. Latowski, S. Pic, H. Wojterska


The test carried out have shown that diaspores of some plant species react differently to the action of the same chemical substances. Irradiation as well as some of the compounds used, caused certain changes in the anatomical structure of the plants; e.g. in pea irradiated with x-rays, an increase of inner diameter of primary cortex cells was observed, as well as an increase in the number of vessels.

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