Wpływ nowych syntetycznych regulatorów wzrostu RW3, RW13 i RW14 na wzrost, plon i zdrowotność sałaty w szklami [Influence of new synthetic growth regulators RW3, RW13 and RW14 on the growth, yield and health of lettuce in the glasshouse]

J. Borkowski


Influence of the preparations RW3, RW13 and RW14 synthesized in the Research Institute of Organic Chemistry in Warsaw on lettuce were investigated in the glasshouse. The preparation RW3 was a retardant and the RW13 and RW14 were growth sttandatons. The preparation RW3 at 1000 ppm decreased markedly the diameter of plants and their weight. It also increased the resistance of plaints to dry tipbuirn, and wet rot of lettuce caused by Botrytis sp.

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