Rooting of Syringa vulgaris L. softwood cuttings using auxin, vitamins, phenolic substances, indole, SADH and abscisic acid

Krystyna Bojarczuk, L. S. Jankiewicz


The cuttings taken at flowering time or earlier rooted much better than those taken after flowering. The apical cuttings rooted more aboundantly than those taken from medium or basal part of the shoots. Different auxins: NAA, IAA IBA and 2,4-D in optimal concentrations differed very little in their stimulatory effect or rooting. Several substances: indole, tannin, pyrogallol, thiamine, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, ryboflavine, niacine, retardant SADH, abscisic acid, and boric acid promoted rooting of cuttings when used separately. Their combined effect with auxin was in most cases additive but sometimes synergistic. Three phases of rooting process were discerned.

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