Wplyw stopnia krzewienia się roślin na akumulacje biomasy organicznej u niektórych odmian zwyczajnej pszenicy ozimej [Influence of tillering degree on the accumulation of dry matter of some winter wheat varieties]

Witold Drezner


The correlation between the net assimilation rate and the degree of plant tillering are investigated for several varieties of simple winter wheat. The net assimilation rate (E, NAR, An) of the studied varieties for different degrees of tillering, individual shoots and individual plants is described according to the units mg/cm2 • 24 h. Index of efficiency of assimilation surface (F, LAR, IS) is determined in units cm2/mg. The tillering ability of vegetative shoots in plaints is a very important factor which increases the total assimilate stirfaice value and the assimilation effectivity of the plant's biomass.

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