Badania nad wpływem wirowania na ukorzenianie się zdrwniałych sadzonek czarnych porzeczek [Effect of centrifugation on the rooting of the blackcurrant cuttings]

Janusz Lipecki, Jan Selwa


Hardwood cuttings of the blackcurrant, cv. Blacksmith, were centrifuged at five different periods at 1500, 2750 and 5000 rpm, for 10, 20 and 40 min and diffusates were collected. The rooting response was examined after three weeks. The activity of the growth substances in the diffusates was studied using bioassays. Stimulation of the rooting of cuttings was observed when low speeds (1500 rpm) and short durations of centrifugation (10 - 20 min) were used. Higher speeds and longer times usually had a negative influence on the rooting. A tendency for more rooting cofactors and growth inhibitors to diffuse in treatments with high speeds and long periods of the centrifugation was observed in the first three experimentation periods.

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