Can mean germination time predict seed vigor of canola (Brassica napus L.) seed lots?

Shahram Amirmoradi, Hassan Feizi


The aim of this research was to test if mean germination time (MGT) can predict seed vigor in 10 seed lots of canola. There was a significant difference between the final germination percentages of the 10 seed lots tested (‘Hyola 330’, ‘Hyola 401’, ‘Okapi’, ‘Elite’, ‘SLMO 46’, ‘Zarfam’, ‘RGS 003’, ‘Option 500’, ‘Echo’, ‘Rainbow’) and a highly significant correlation between MGT and this value. Of the 10 seed lots, ‘Hyola 330’ had the lowest final percentage germination (62%) and the highest MGT, 3.64 days. The correlation between MGT and the proportion of “normal” seedlings was also significant. ‘Hyola 330’ had the lowest percentage of normal seedlings (60%). A tetrazolium test showed that this lot had some dead seeds that could not germinate; some seeds were viable, but they would produce abnormal seedlings. One of the main reasons of low final germination percentage and high MGT in ‘Hyola 330’ was low viability of this seed lot. Mean germination time is suggested as a good indicator of seed vigor in canola.


oilseed; vigor; seed viability

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