Rozmieszczenie przestrzenne oraz zmiany w występowaniu niektórych gatunków chwastów w sadzie jabłoniowym Gospodarstwa Doświadczalnego Felin koło Lublina [Spatial distribution and changes in occurrence of some weed species in the orchard in AES Felin near Lublin]

Janusz Lipecki, Anna Janisz


From 1993 to 1997 a study of spatial distribution of most important weeds in apple orchard herbicide strips was performed. This study was continued in 1998, once the trees were cut down. As the time progressed, Epilobium adenocaulon Hausskn., Chenopodium album L., Polygonum aviculare L. and Atriplex patulum L. showed an increase in their occurrence. An opposite tendency was found with Erigeron canadensis L., Convolvulus arvensis L. and Taraxacum fficinale Web. Some species grew in patches (Convolvulus arvensis L., Chenopodium album L., Atriplex patulum L.), while the others appeared sporadically throughout the orchard. In 1998, the decrease of occurrence of Epilobium Haussk. was observed. Simultaneously, this was coupled with an increase of occurrence of Taraxacum officinale Web., Erigeron caanadensis L. and Chenopodium album L. The predominating species in 1998 was Cerastium vulgatum L., followed by Lolium perenne L., Poa annua L. and Bromus mollis L.


weeds; spatial distribution; occurrence; apple orchard; Felin near Lublin; Poland

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