The effect of passaging of Fusarium culmorum (W.G.Sm.) Sacc.on media containing calcium on the growth and development of this fungus and on disease development in wheat seedlings

Marlena Zielińska, Marian Michniewicz, Barbara Rożej


Fusarium culmorum was transferred ten times on media with a different content of calcium (O, 2, 4, 8 mM) and then was used for inoculation of winter wheat seedlings (cv. Grana). It was found that the disease of wheat seedlings was weaker when they were infected with the suspension of mycelium of fungi passaged on media containing higher concentration of calcium ions. It was also found that passaging Fusarium culmorum on media containing calcium causes the inhibition of growth and development of this pathogen. Basing on the results of these experiments it can be concluded, that passaging Fusarium culmorum on media with calcium reduces the pathogenicity of this fungus to wheat seedlings.


plant infection; calcium; Fusarium culmorum

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