Wpływ temperatury przechowywania owoców ogórka na zmiany w natężeniu fluorescencji chlorofilu [The effect of storage temperature of cucumber fruit on chlorophyll fluorescence]

Ryszard Kosson


The effect of three storage temperature levels: 12,5°C, 20°C, and 1,5°C on basic indexes of chlorophyll fluorescence of cucumber fruits was studied. The greenhouse grown cucumber fruits cv. Wiktor F1 were stored in perforated polyethylene bags or without packages. The minimum chlorophyll fluorescence (Fo), maximum chlorophyll fluorescence (Fm), variable chlorophyll fluorescence (Fv) and relative variable fluorescence (Fv/Fm) of the cucumber peel were measured. Relative variable fluorescence was decTeasing when cucumbers were stored at temperature lower or higher than optimum level. The chlorophyll fluorescence measurements can be helpful for determination of appropriate temperature parameters of cucumber storage.


cucumber fruit; chlorophyll fluorescence; storage; temperature; packaging

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