Przyczyny zgorzeli siewek pietruszki korzeniowej [Etiology of root parsley damping-off]

Bogdan Nowicki


The investigations were done between 1990–1994. Seedlings collected from 120 plantations were evaluated. The fungi responsible for seedling damping-off occurrening most often were Alternariu spp., Fusarium spp. and Pythium spp. isolated from 46,3, 32,2 and 16,6% of infected plants, respectively. The most important pathogens were A.petroselini which infected 33% of seedlings and A.radicina – 11%„ Among Fusarium species the most common was F.avenaceum, comprising 61% of total Fusarium isolates. The next were following: F.culmorum – 21%, F.solani – 12,6% and 3% for both F.equiseti and F.oxysporum. Damping-off of se,edlings was also caused by the other fungi but they were noted in low intensity. Among them were following: Phoma spp., A.alternata and Rhizoctonia solani on 2,8; 2,3 and 1,2% of tested seedlings. respectively. The species: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Botrytis cinerea, Bipolaris sorokinianu and Septoria petroselini were isolated in total from 0,9% of seedlings. Drechslera biseptata and Stemphylium botryosum caused seedling damping-off sporadically.

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