Growth and flowering of Helleborus argutifolius (Viviani) grown in pots depending on substrate type

Monika Henschke, Piotr K. Czuchaj, Stanisława J. Szczepaniak


An experiment was conducted on the effect of substrate type on growth of Corsican hellebore (Helleborus argutifolius Viviani). Plants were grown for two years in pots with substrates whose components included Klasmann highmoor peat and Hartmann highmoor peat, mineral soil, expanded clay and perlite at various volumetric ratios. Vegetative growth and flowering were observed in hellebores. It was shown that substrates exhibited a varied effect on plant growth. Corsican hellebore in a substrate with a considerable addition of mineral soil was lower, but more branched, and it did not form inflorescences. An optimal medium for growing H. argutifolius in pots was Hartmann’s de-acidified peat + mineral soil (1:1 v:v). In this medium vegetative growth of plants was extensive, flowering was early and abundant, and long peduncles were produced.


Helleborus argutifolius; ornamental plant; cultivation; peat; mineral soil; number of leaves; flower quality

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