Wrażliwość odmian i rodów hodowlanych grochu oraz peluszki na porażenie przez grzyb Ascochyta pisi (Lib.) [Studies on the susceptibility of peas and field peas cultivars to Ascochyta pisi (Lib.)]

Helena Furgał-Węgrzycka


The aim of the work was to find the plants resistant to Ascochyta pisi causing leaf and spot-pot of peas and field peas. Fourty five cultivars of peas and field peas and 6 breeding materials were tested in field in the period 1975–1978. Cultivars: Bartel, Birte, Borek, Cebeco, Finale and Paloma were to be less susceptible. In laboratory and greenhouse conditions peas and field peas cultivares were examined for susceptible to pathotypes 2 and 4 of Ascochyta pisi. The results obtained proved that cultivars: Borel, cebeco, Finale and Paloma were to be less susceptible to two pathotypes of Ascochyta pisi.

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