Ocena metod diagnozowania chorób korzeni i pochwy liściowej pszenicy ozimej [The evaluation of winter wheat roots and leaf sheath diseases diagnostic methods]

Ewa Solarska, Magdalena Grudzińska


The maltose and mineral media for isolation of Gaeumannomyces graminis from roots were assessed. The differences in numbers of obtained isolates were found depending on the medium used and sampling date. Easier identification of pathogen was possible employing maltose medium. The fungi from genus Fusarium occurring on winter wheat leaf sheaths were identified by mycological analysis and PCR, while the fungus Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides was detected by PCR and ELISA methods. PCR and ELISA methods enabled to detect pathogens also in periods before the disease symptoms on plants occurred.


winter wheat; G. graminis; Fusarium spp.; P. herpotrichoides; identification; mycological analysis; PCR; ELISA

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