Wykorzystanie metody PCR do badania jakości ziarna pszenicy ozimej uprawianej w systemach ekologicznym, integrowanym, konwencjonalnym oraz monokulturze w aspekcie fitopatologicznym [The use of PCR assay for quality testing of grain of winter wheat cultivated in organic, integrated, conventional system and monoculture in phytopathological aspect]

Aleksander Łukanowski, Czesław Sadowski


The aim of experiments was to evaluate the occurrence of fungi on grain of winter wheat cv. Roma cultivated in four systems on the experimental fields owned by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation. Among pathogenic species, fungi from genus Fusarium dominated. Their number was the lowest on grain harvested in organic system and the highest in integrated one. Saprotrophic species were represented mainly by Alternaria alternata, which occurred the most often in organic system. Determination of F. avenaceum, F. culmorum and F. poae with microscope was confirmed with a PCR assay. All isolates of F. culmorum and F. poae gave an amplification product of Tri 5 gene coding the possibility of trichocene production, while none of isolates of F. avenaceum.


winter wheat; grain quality; fungi; PCR; Fusarium spp

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