Porównanie i ocena kwitnienia odmian niecierpka nowogwinejskiego z grup Sonic i Super Sonic [Comparison and flowering valuation of New Guinea Impatiens cultivars from Sonic and Super Sonic groups]

Ludmiła Startek, Magdalena Klessa


In the years 2002-2003 the flowering of four New Guinea Impatiens cultivars from Sonic and Super Sonic groups were compared. They were the following cultivars: 'Sonic Pink', 'Sonic Sweet Cherry', 'Super Sonic Cherry Cream' and 'Super Sonic Hot Pink'. The experiments were carried out from the middle of April till the middle of October. Neutralised sphagnum peat with slow release fertiliser Osmocote Plus 5/6 was used as medium. It was found that the cultivar 'Sonic Pink' began blooming 1-4 weeks earlier than the other cultivars. The cultivars 'Sonic Sweet Cherry' and 'Super Sonic Cherry Cream' had significantly more abundant flowering (105.3-113.3 flowers per plant) than the cultivars 'Sonic Pink' and 'Super Sonic Hot Pink' (72.0-92.8 flowers per plant). All the cultivars had big flowers (6.3-7.8 cm in diameter). The most similar flowers were found in 'Sonic Sweet Cherry' and the least similar in 'Super Sonic Hot Pink'.


New Guinea Impatiens cultivars; flowering abundant; flowering dynamics; diameter of flowers

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