Intensywność kwitnienia i owocowania pomidora drobnoowocowego pod wpływem regulacji ilości światła dochodzącego do koron roślin [Flowering and fruiting intensity of small-sized tomato, due to the regulation of the quantity of light reaching the plant top]

Renata Dobromilska, Katarzyna Kujath


The experiments were carried out in 2001-2003 in a high unheated plastic tunnel. The influence of reduction of leaves and application of reflection matter on flowering and fruiting of small-sized tomato was studied. The experiment focused on the following factors: methods of increasing the amount of light in plant tops (reflection matter, cutting leaves, reflection matter + cutting leaves) and cultivars of small sized tomato ('Conchita F1', 'Picolino F1'). The cutting of leaves and reflection matter mulching resulted in the increase of the intensity of radiation reaching plant tops and the reflected radiation. The above measures increasing the light access to plant tops significantly increased the number of flowers, germs and fruits. The reflection matter mulching along with cutting leaves resulted in the substantial growth of early yield of small-sized tomato. The 'Conchita F1' cultivar set a relatively greater number of flowers and fruits on a plant and in cluster than 'Picolino F1'.


reflection matter; cutting leaves; flowering; small-sized tomato

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