Wiadomości Botaniczne

ISSN: 2543-6503 (on-line)
ISSN: 0043-5090 (print; published till 2013)

Wiadomości Botaniczne [Botanical News] has been publishing since 1957, since 2014 exclusively in electronic version, as an open access journal. It publishes papers in the Polish language, and since 1981 it has also added summaries (and parts of the articles) in English (it accepts English manuscripts since 2020 too). Reporting progress observed in all areas of plant biology, advances in botanical research in Poland, and the scope of activities of the Polish Botanical Society as well as building close relations between the Society’s members are the core activities of this publication. In addition to a broad review section, Wiadomości Botaniczne publishes review articles and short notes in a wide range of interest (anniversaries, jubilees, memories, biographies of botanists, the latest news concerning PBS work and information on events occurring throughout the plant kingdom, new periodicals, reports on PBS activities).

The Wiadomości Botaniczne has had its cover and format changed since 1990. At the outset, the Bulletin of Botanical Gardens, Museums and Collections was part of the quarterly journal – firstly as a separate section with its editorial office, then, since 1986, it has been published twice a year as an insert; whereas, since 1991 it has been published as a separate annual. A few issues (joined together at times) have been devoted to special subjects , for instance vol. 10, issue 3 and 4 were published as a special double issue, entitled “65 years of Polish Botanical Society.” Volume 37, issues 3 and 4 featured the subject of “Polish geobotanical research abroad” (edited by J. B. Faliński, Z. Mirek, 1993). The circulation of Wiadomości Botaniczne has varied at different times between 1,000 to nearly 1,700 copies and the size increased to 24 sheets per year until 1984, including four sheets of the Gardens’ Bulletin. Since the year 1985, about 28 sheets have been published annually, after the size of Bulletin had been increased to eight sheets.

Franciszek Górski became the first Editor-in-Chief of Wiadomości Botaniczne and he occupied that position for 25 years (1957–1981). As a farewell, Mr. Górski published a review article covering 25 annuals of the journal. The subsequent editors were: Włodzimierz Starzecki (1982–1989), Zbigniew Mirek (1990–1993), Bogdan Zemanek (1994–1998), Stefania Loster (1999–2004). Since 2005, the post had been held once more by Zbigniew Mirek, holding the position of Honorary Editor in 2017–2019. Arkadiusz Nowak was serving as Editor-in-Chief between 2017 and 2019, and Piotr Górski has been serving position of Editor-in-Chief since 2020.

Logo Wiadomości Botanicznych

The logo of the Wiadomości Botaniczne annual depicts the flower outline of Galium cracoviense, the minute Polish endemic plant. The species is restricted to few stations on limestone outcrops within the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland and is considered as vulnerable species. Dainty, delicate, and beautiful flowers of Galium cracoviense emerge in May and June adorning the rupicolous grasslands on rock ledges near Olsztyn.
Author: prof. Arkadiusz Nowak

Editorial Team


dr hab. Piotr Górski, prof. UPP

Poznań University of Life Sciences

Scientific Council

dr hab. Sławomir Borek, prof. UAM

Adam Mickiewicz University

prof. dr hab. Wiesław Fałtynowicz

University of Wrocław

prof. dr hab. Piotr Köhler

Jagiellonian University

dr hab. Beata Krzewicka

W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences

prof. dr hab. Anna Mikuła

Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden – Center for Biological Diversity Conservation in Powsin

prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Popiela

University of Szczecin

dr Dominik Tomaszewski

Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences

dr hab. Gabriela Woźniak, prof. UŚ

University of Silesia in Katowice

prof. dr hab. Beata Zagórska-Marek

University of Wrocław

Associate Editors

prof. dr hab. Ludwik Frey

W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences

dr hab. Marzenna Guzicka

Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences

dr hab. Julian Chmiel, prof. UAM

Adam Mickiewicz University

dr Katarzyna Szczepańska

Adam Mickiewicz University

dr Artur Obidziński

Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

Managing/Production Editor

mgr Piotr Otręba

Polish Botanical Society

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