Centenary of the Polish Botanical Society

Logo Jubileuszu 100-lecia Polskiego Towarzystwa Botanicznego

Polish botanists associated in the Polish Botanical Society (PBS) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their activities on the national and international arena in 2022. The culmination of the celebrations will fall on June 28, 2022, and the main celebrations will take place in Warsaw, at the University of Warsaw – in the place where the heart of the Society began to beat.

Our desire is to make it a great holiday not only for the members of the Society, but also for the entire scientific community involved in the development of botanical sciences. The celebration of the jubilee will be preceded by the organization of numerous national and local events conducted in 15 PBS branches and 15 specialized sections. In this way, we would like to pass on to our society our knowledge and passion and share what unites us: love of plants.

As scientists, we are experts in various fields of natural sciences and through experimental deepening of knowledge we care about the development and progress in the specialties we represent. The association in the Polish Botanical Society gives us the basis to take a stand on matters important to the scientific community, create scientific trends, sensitize to the need to protect the natural environment, protect historical knowledge that laid the foundations for the development of botanical sciences and finally popularize scientific achievements among society, especially children, youth and students. At the beginning of its operation, the Society was a living bridge between Polish and world science. By collecting and exchanging professional botanical magazines, publishing its own periodicals and lively foreign contacts, it was a window to the world for the then homeland and its scientists, closed within its borders. Today, we perceive the role of the Society through the prism of unifying the scientific community, perceiving and showing its greatest values, and popularizing science.

Having the honor of preparing and participating in the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Botanical Society, we would like to proudly honor the intellectual value and social enthusiasm instigated by Founder Members, cultivated and developed over the course of a hundred years of active functioning of PBS. We would like to pass on this legacy to future generations of botanists, hoping that it will be useful to the whole society as it has until now.

President of the Polish Botanical Society
Professor dr hab. Anna Mikuła

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